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Locksmith Terminology

Welcome to our page on Locksmith Terminology! Here, we will help you navigate through the common terms and phrases used in the locksmith industry.

Locksmith Terminology

Here you will find definitions of common locksmith and lock terms to help you better understand the services we provide and the products we offer.

  • Keyed Alike: When multiple locks are configured to operate with the same key, they are said to be “keyed alike.”
  • Deadbolt: A type of lock that is operated by turning a knob or key, rather than by a spring mechanism.
  • Cylinder Lock: A type of lock that uses a cylinder to control the locking mechanism. These locks are commonly found in door handles and padlocks.
  • Master Key: A key that can open multiple locks within a set, typically used in commercial or residential properties with multiple access points.
  • Rekeying: The process of changing the internal pins and springs of a lock so that a new key is required to operate it. This is often done when a key is lost or stolen.
  • Keyway: The shape of the keyhole on a lock. Different lock manufacturers use different keyways to prevent unauthorized key duplication.
  • Mortise Lock: A type of lock that is installed within the door itself, rather than on the surface. Mortise locks are more secure and durable than standard cylindrical locks.
  • Bumping: A technique used to quickly open a lock by inserting a specially cut key and tapping it to jar the internal pins into place.
  • Keyless Entry: Lock systems that do not require a physical key to operate, such as keypad locks or electronic locks.

Common locksmith and lock terms

We hope this glossary has been helpful in understanding some common locksmith and lock terms. If you have any questions or need assistance with your locks, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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